Matching Grants


Grant eligibility criteria

Firms which GEM will consider for funding under this window must meet the following yes/no criteria:

  • The firm must be registered on the BIG platform
  • The firm has received notification that it has attained the minimum points that qualify
  • the firm for a matching grant;
  • The total GEM funding requested must be at least $10,000 and no more than
  • $50,000;
  • The firm must provide matching cash or cash-equivalent funds of at least 50 percent of
  • the total project budget;
  • The firm must satisfy the requirements on Environmental and Social compliance
  • GEM funding must be requested for utilization on eligible costs or activities
  • The firm’s application must demonstrate that GEM funding will result in increased
  • sales for the business, increased value added per worker and creation of new jobs.

Matching fund requirements

Firms applying for matching grants are expected to co-invest in the project in order to ensure risks are shared and incentives are aligned. The expected level of matching funds will be at least 50 percent of total project costs in cash or cash equivalent.

The nature of the matching contribution will be approved on a project by project basis. Grantees will be required to fund the proposed activities upfront and the matching contribution will be in form of a reimbursement by the GEM project upon approval.

Eligible costs

The GEM Matching grants will fund technical assistance costs (external consultancy services and related costs) associated with the following activities:

  • Supply chain development
  • Financial management
  • Business transformation
  • Customer relation management
  • Human resources management

Grantee selection process

  • Firms are invited for an Induction workshop
  • Eligible firms are admitted to BIG services
  • Participating firms earn points on completion of technical support and capacity building programs.
  • On accumulating the required number of points, final successful firms are approved grant award.

Contracting procedure

Successful grantees will sign a “Matching Grant Reimbursement Commitment Letter” (MGRCL) with parties namely: the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Federal Project Implementation Unit (FMITI, FPIU), and the firm (the grantee). The contract commits the grantee to the terms and conditions of the grant.