Grievance Redress Process for the GEM Project


The Project Development Objective (PDO) of the Growth and Employment Project is to increase growth and employment in participating firms. We understand that there might be delays in implementation of this objective not with standing, we will ensure that participating firms are provided with the support they need.

This section addresses steps people can take to provide and resolve grievances caused by the GEM Project. All other queries including technical issue regarding any support provided by the project including issues pertaining to grant disbursement, training, BDSP queries should be routed to this email or alternatively call:

Objective of the Policy

This policy provides an effective and transparent avenue for all stakeholders to express their concerns and resolve disputes that are caused by the GEM Project.


This policy is prepared in line with the World Bank’s Grievance Redress process. Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) is a locally based, formalized way to accept, assess, and resolve stakeholder feedback or complaints. It creates a platform and procedure for effective handling of complaints and grievances that are aimed at avoiding lengthy litigation which may mare or delay project implementation and objective.

Handling a complaint

What is a Complaint?
An issue, concern, problem, or claim (perceived or actual) that an individual or group wants a company or contractor to address and resolve.

How can a complaint be made?
If you are unsatisfied with any services provided by the GEM Project through our different offerings, you may contact the responsible unit. If you are unsatisfied with the response provided, please lodge in your compliant with us through any of channels:

  • By completing a Complaints form on our website
  • By calling our Compliant line
  • By writing to us:
    • GRM Unit,
    • Growth and Employment (GRM) Project,
    • PIU Office,
    • Room 225, First floor,
    • Block G,Federal Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment,
    • Old Federal Secretariat, Area 1, Garki, Abuja
  • By emailing us @


Please note that all Technical issues should be forwarded to or alternatively call:

What information is needed when making a complaint?
We will require you provide us with the following information when making your complaint:

  • Your contact details (name, BIG ID, Business name)
  • Indicate the support you are receiving from or providing to GEM Project
  • Details of the issue you need us to resolve
  • Supporting documents to help in resolving your complaints (if any)


Assistance with making a complaint
Our support staff will provide you with any assistance you may need to make your complaint.

GEM Project Grievance Redress Process

We have outlined below a schematic, which shows our processes for receiving and resolving complaints

GEM Project Grievance Redress Process