Fresh Direct Nigeria

Fresh Direct Nigeria is an urban farm that utilizes shipping containers to grow leafy greens like kale, lettuce, bokchoy and other exotic produce for supply to end users and consumers. Produce are packaged and supplied to chains of supermarket in Abuja.


“We utilize creative solutions in solving challenges in our agricultural space. Our system utilizes control environment to grow the exotic leafy green vegetables


Typical issues encounter before GEM intervention include finances, poor electricity and payroll issues.


One of the challenges weve faced is in financing. Commercial Banks do not see us as a typical investment to support. Fresh premium provide, exotic vegetables. We harvest and get produce to customers within 15 minutes. We plan to be expand across West and Sub-Saharan Africa”.


GEM grant has helped in improving our research and development, scale up our business and enable us employ more people in our firm.

Specifically the GEM grant has assisted us in purchasing delivery vehicles, Items for our kitchenette, more seeds, and equipment, additional containers for our kitchen, cold room office space."

We have employed additional 5 staff and have a second location in Maraba, Nasarawa State.  - Angle Adelaja CEO, Fresh Direct Nigeria