Firms on the BIG Platform will have access to our curated resource library of case studies, sample business plans, toolkits, video presentations, industry articles and courses that will enhance the competitiveness of firms, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Our goal is to provide a valuable library of relevant content for firms over time that will also be available even after graduating from the programme.

Training is based on Business Edge’s curriculum of best practices of management around the world. Hundreds of world-class courses offered will address a firms most critical issues in the areas of Personal Productivity Skills, Governance, Human Resource, Finance & Accounting, Quality & Operations, Marketing, and Tourism & Hotel Management. The Courses will be delivered by carefully selected, trained, and certified Business Edge training Partners using both content expertise and practical, local experience.

Sample courses to be provided include:


  •  Caring for the Customer
  •  Achieving Success in Marketing
  •  Assessing Marketing Opportunities
  •  Developing a Competition Strategy
  •  Positioning Yourself in the Market
  •  Establishing Your Marketing Mix Strategy
  •  Preparing Your Product Strategy
  •  Working Out Your Pricing Strategy
  •  Creating Your Distribution Strategy
  •  Developing an Integrated Marketing
  •  Communication Strategy
  •  Improving Your Selling Skills
  •  Gaining Consumer Insights
  •  Marketing Services

Financial Management And Accounting

  •  Controlling Costs
  •  Working with Budgets
  •  Using and Analyzing Financial Statements
  •  Developing a Business Plan for a New Venture
  •  Controlling Business Assets
  •  Evaluating Investment Decisions


  •  Managing Risk
  •  Planning for Business Continuity
  •  Managing Relationships
  •  Implementing Enterprise Governance
  •  Personal Productivity Skills

Motivating People

  •  Managing Changes
  •  Managing with Authority
  •  Delegating Effectively
  •  Managing Time
  •  Becoming a More Effective Manager
  •  Solving Problems
  •  Communicating Effectively
  •  Coaching at Work
  •  Influencing
  •  Using Information for Decision Making
  •  Leading Your Team

General and Operations Management

  •  Understanding Quality
  •  Achieving Quality
  •  Auditing Quality
  •  Controlling Physical Resources
  •  Planning and Controlling Work